Yoona visited MuCore 2012.8.11

11. august 2012 at 20:18 | ♥♪mimi♥♪ |  Yoona
I visited MuCore today
It feels like I see TaeTiSeo unnies this close every day!! Kekekeke
I was actually excited because it felt like my first time seeing SONEs so close up~
I'm feeling jealous of my members that see SONEs this close every week.. Keke
Today my members were really good at MCing as expected~ Keuhehe
I went and had fun laughing~~
My members are pretty whenever I see them~ Good
BoA unnie, who had her comeback is also pretty and coolㅠ
Super Junior oppas were also really cool ㅇ_ㅇ!!!
As expected, we are SM TO-WN!
I will have to pray that everyone is cautious of the heat~
I hope there will be more days for me to talk with SONE closely like today~
I was bored today, but it has become an enjoyable day!
Yoona's MuCore visitation report, endㅡ

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