5th Anniversary Party Fanmeet

29. july 2012 at 21:11 | ♥♪mimi♥♪ |  Girls' generation
As you all know, it is soon to be SNSD's 5th anniversary and as a surprise for Sones, SNSD hosted a small party / fan meet in Seoul on the July 28th. For the Sones that were able to attend, hope you all had fun because those who didnt attend missed another important event!

To kick off, SNSD performed a live stage of The Boys, Paparazzi (Japanese), Gee and Complete. There were also many lucky draw give away for some Sones ranging from Casio Baby G watches, GiRL Fragrance, Albums, handshakes, hugs etc, that were handed out by the girls directly.

However one of the biggest highlights of this event was a cake event. Each SNSD member made their own special cake on stage in a given time limit and within that time limit, each member were to decorate the cake as nice as possible! This can only go two ways! From a Fan account who witnessed the session;

"YURI cheated by starting early and TAEYEON spent so much time shopping for her decorative ingredients and kept on cheating by adding more things on her cake when the time was over. SOOYOUNG was really skillful in squeezing out the cream and wrote 0805 in blue. HYOYEON circled the cake with ma…ny red heels and wrote some unreadable words in red on the cake which was dripping like it was bleeding haha. SEOHYUN made a light blue striped cake with 9 girls on top very quickly and nicely. YOONA made a cake with big letters saying SNSD ♥ SONE with SNSD on top of SONE saying it's because of us could they have been here. JESSICA was slow as usual and made a really simple cake haha. YURI was really ambitious and added a lot of things on the cake haha. TIFFANY won the contest by creating a really sophisticated cake with pink letters and many decorations."
Credit: snsdkorean

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